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Maritime Expert Witness and Legal Consulting

Expert Witness:  The RMS Principles have years of experience, in and out of the court room. During their Coast Guard Career, they served as investigators and team leaders on major cases.  They worked directly with law Enforcement and US Attorneys. As Expert Witnesses they have testified in jury trials and arbitrations and have given depositions or opined on several cases. Call us and we will match the Expert to your case!

Court Appointed Monitor:  Need a CAM or TPA?  RMS has conducted dozens of third party audits as part of a DOJ-mandated Environmental Compliance Program and even more environmental inspections for the USCG and Class.  We are standing by to function as your Court Appointed Monitor or Third-Party auditors.

Legal Consulting:  With our diverse background and depth of knowledge of the regulations, RMS is often called upon for advice or consulting by law firms and companies looking for that right answer or direction.

Site & Vessel Inspections:  As a lawyer you know the law! But maybe you need someone to investigate a site or inspect a vessel, some who understand the law and knows the maritime environment. RMS is skilled at documenting sites, inspecting the scene and photographic evidence. We will do the foot work for you, just give us a call.


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