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Environmental Audits, Monitoring & Assessments

Environmental Compliance: Need an Environmental Court Appointed Monitor - CAM or Third Party Auditor - TPA? RMS has conducted dozens of third party audits as part of a DOJ-mandated Environmental Compliance Program and even more environmental inspections for the USCG and Class.  We are standing by to function as your Court Appointed Monitor or Third-Party auditors.

Vulnerability Assessments: With today’s extremely complex environmental regulations, keeping a ship and crew in compliance is an ever growing challenge.  This is highlighted by the frequency of companies pleading guilty to improper discharges, poor or fraudulent record keeping, and failures of the crew to act in accordance with company policy and procedures. RMS will perform an Environmental Assessment that will give you detailed insight into the status of your ship(s) and identify your risks.

Policy & Procedure Audits: Drawing upon our years of experience conducting environmental audits, we can provide thorough reviews of company policies and procedures dealing with environmental compliance to identify weaknesses or gaps, verify the accuracy of your procedures, strengthen your environmental awareness culture, and train your crew.

Policies and Procedure Development: Feeling exposed?  A robust environmental program with comprehensive policies and procedures will help ensure that you are protected and in compliance.

RMS Can Help:  We have carried out dozens of third-party audits during one of the largest maritime environmental criminal cases in the US.  As lead inspectors we completed numerous inspections for USCG MARPOL Tiger Teams.  As former Class surveyors we have a deep understanding of the equipment, tanks and approvals required to stay ahead of the regulations and out of costly trouble. 

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