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SOLAS Compliance, Safety Assessments & USCG Preparations

USCG Port State Control Preparation

Difficulties with US Coast Guard or other authorities? Delays due to Port State issues can be costly.  RMS has former Port State Control and Flag Inspectors standing by to assist you. We can assess the overall level of compliance for your vessel, verify the correction of port state deficiencies, and prepare ship and crew for future PSC inspections. We have also developed a compliance management scheme to assist your crew and shore side staff to successfully manage compliance over the long haul,  virtually eliminating the potential for future PSC detentions.

USCG Initial Certificate of Compliance

Cruise ships entering a US port for the first time, or ships that have not been operating in the US for many years, are required to undergo rigorous examinations for compliance with international conventions (SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, ISPS) and US maritime regulations. These examinations are conducted by the US Coast Guard and US Public Health Service. Managing and responding to plan review comments as well as planning and coordinating the numerous inspections is time consuming and difficult. RMS has participated in dozens of these inspections for the USCG and has assisted companies like Royal Caribbean, TUI and others, prepare and successfully pass USCG Initial COC Inspections.

New Build Compliance & Oversight

For ships under construction, the initial USCG Certificate of Compliance process typically starts almost a year prior to delivery and includes discussions on new concepts, review, and acceptance of critical vessel drawings, and 3-4 visits to the vessel to examine and test critical safety and environmental systems. Many of these visits must be coordinated to coincide with key milestones during the construction and delivery of the vessel. RMS has completed several of these projects over the years and can help ensure your new vessel and operation does not get delayed by the USCG or other Authorities.

Project Compliance & Oversight

Major renovations or repair projects can also cause a lot of issues with the USCG or other Authorities.  Imagine a Port State Control Officers rejecting your new renovations or causing delays until you provide the required documentation.  RMS can assist with the numerous hurdles you will face before, during and after your project.

RMS Can Help

 We have one of the most diversified, knowledgeable and experienced team in the maritime industry standing by to assist you. Our team is made up of a retired USCG Chief of Inspections and USCG senior inspectors, as well as past Class principle and senior surveyors. We also have a past president of a cruise line and cargo line, a past VP Operations and more. We have been the Inspectors and the Inspected and understand your situation. Contact Us. 


Reliable Maritime Solutions (RMS) is not authorized by the US Coast Guard or any Maritime Authority. RMS reports may be used to assist in discussions with the authorities, however our surveys do not take the place of mandated surveys, exams or inspections, nor does it guarantee the acceptance by the US Coast Guard or other authorities. 

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