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Maritime Consulting, Risk Assessments & Vessel Valuations

Business Consulting:   For operators looking to maximize their return on investment, finding ways to minimize costs, especially on the maintenance and operations side of the ledger is vital. With almost 10 years of experience running a cruise line, ferry operation, and cargo line, RMS can provide a third set of eyes to review and analyze your operation and assist the team in getting the biggest bang for your buck. 

Risk Assessments:   In today’s competitive maritime industry, ship operators cannot afford vessel down time or off-charter time to install new equipment such as ballast water treatment systems, carry out repairs, overhauls, or upgrades to existing on board equipment, or conduct quality assurance verification of the work in progress. Many operators are now undertaking this work while the vessel is in service. Prior to starting your project, have you evaluated the potential risks? RMS has carried out numerous assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety policies and procedures in use, identify gaps in procedures, analyze the suitability of the materials being used for the installation, and verify the potential impacts to vessel operations during the course of the project and in the future. Put our knowledgeable personnel to use so you can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the quality of the work meets the goals of your organization.

Vessel Valuations: Looking to start a new service or expand your existing fleet? What about trying to sell vessels that no longer meet your needs? When looking to purchase or sell vessels, an unbiased assessment of the vessel’s value is needed prior to negotiating the sale. The RMS team has completed many valuations to assist clients in their negotiations. By combining our experience as ship operators and surveyors, we can evaluate the true condition of the hull and machinery so you can achieve a fair price for your investment.

 Start-Up Operations:  RMS has started two cruise lines and presently working on a third. We have started a Cargo line and assisted or advised numerous other operators. You will not find more experienced consultants with a more diverse background then the principles at RMS. Hundreds of ships, several management positions, decades of hard-earned experience, can all be a part of your team with a simple call.  We are standing by and eager to assist. 

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