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Pre-Purchase Surveys, Compliance Surveys, Condition Surveys

 Pre-Purchase Surveys & On/Off Hire Surveys: Prior to purchasing or chartering a vessel, a comprehensive inspection of the vessel should be conducted to determine the technical and regulatory condition. This is a smart business practice and good common sense.  RMS will conduct a thorough survey, provide a detailed report, and place a fair market value on the vessel. You will be able to move forward with confidence knowing the true condition, compliance status, and whether the vessel will meet your needs, now and in the future.

Condition Surveys: A good owner/operator wants to know the condition of the vessel, the true condition. Additionally, condition surveys are also very important for scheduling dry dock work and creating a realistic budget.

Damage Surveys: Unfortunately, incidents happen.  But RMS is here to get you back on track.  We have the knowledge and resources to determine the scope of the damage and help develop a comprehensive repair plan. 

Compliance Surveys: Troubles with the US Coast Guard or other authorities? Port state inspections can cause costly unscheduled repairs and operational delays. RMS has experienced Port State Control and Flag Inspectors standing by to assist you.  We can assess the overall level of compliance for your vessel(s), verify the correction of port state deficiencies, and prepare the ship and crew for future PSC inspections. We have also developed a compliance management scheme to assist your crew and shoreside staff to successfully manage compliance over the long haul virtually eliminating the potential for future PSC detentions.

RMS Can Help! A highly knowledgeable and experienced surveyor is a valuable asset to any team or company. The RMS Team has a combined 75+ years of inspecting, surveying and operating vessels of all types.  The RMS Team can provide the assurance you require prior to purchasing your ship or boat. 

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